What is the price of the site?!

Dete srece

The thing is very simple.

For my work on creating a site, the price is 130 euros.

- I'm talking about sites that have a normal number of pages (about twenty). If your site has more texts, more pictures if it is more content, then the price will be higher - according to the work that needs to be done.

- Add to this price another 5-6000 RSD for payment of hosting and domain in which the SSL certificate is included.

- When I talk about sites that are less content and less demanding, the price is lower and not fixed, as it depends on the conversation with you and your requests.

- In order to facilitate your payment, I give you the option to pay in two installments.

- You will pay for hosting and domain and half of the money that is intended for my work. You will pay the rest of the next month.



Everything is on the site

Here I want to mention all those things that can be found on your site:

- The site will be made in Wordpress and THEME SHOULD NOT BE PAYED.

- The site is visible on all devices (mobile, tablets, all kinds of monitors)

- Not limited number of pages

- Not limited number of pictures

- Contact form and email address

- Set up Google Analytics code (you can follow online visit on your site)

- Integration with FB page, Twitter and other social networks

- Newsletter if necessary

- Google Map


Something more about the site

Here I will remind you of some of the details:

- In time you will certainly want to change something on the site: images, text, you might want to create a new page.

-There you have these options:

- The first is to pay 300 dinars per text. This is when you only occasionally need to insert some text.

- The second is when I need to bring a lot of new content into the site during the month. Then, based on the material you provided me, I estimate how much work it is and set you a price.

- If you want to ask me something, it's your form, so fill it up. We can contact you by SKYPE or VIBER if it's easier for you.

- YOU CAN CALL ME AND AT THIS NUMBER: +381 61 7677 555

How to order Site

1. Contact us via email or phone. You can also use Skype or Viber . Describe what your site is required. What do you expect from the website. Do you have some special requirements associated with it.

2. In fact you do not have much to do. Just to have an idea! We'll talk about the site and bring together the right solution.

3. If we have agreed to make the site in WORDPRESS, then THIS DOES NOT MUST BE PAYED . Here I would like to point out that THE PAYMENT THEMES are better protected, have more options than free, but they are not necessary for you to have a site.

4. I want to tell you that the sites do not have to always be in WordPress. There are other ways of making sites - BOOTSTRAP, JOOMLA.. I will explain to you the difference, if it's best for you to make you site in the BOOTSTRAP (it's free framework).

5. You leases domain and hosting to make this site was fully owned.

6. Track and preparation of materials. This is your job. You must provide all the material will be available on our website: text, images, translation if the site is bilingual...

7. Deliver me material. I am going with the development of the site. All lay in its place: setup, test and put it into operation.

8.HERE I WANT TO NOTE THAT the price of the site's creation depends solely on the amount of content. If the site is more extensive, the price is higher, and if it is with less content, then the price is lower.

9. It does not matter if the site has 5 or 25 pages. I WANT YOU TO BE SATISFIED. The creation of the site lasts a few days. If you have all the materials provided, everything will be done quickly. So try to get everything in time.

Website development


Goran is my name. I'm a web designer. This job is such that you can not learn something and then you place it forever. You need to keep up because things are changing rapidly. Especially in the IT world. I want my customers to be happy and do everything to justify their confidence.
Today it is almost impossible to imagine that you have a company you do not have a website. Creating a website is inevitable for any business. It does not matter whether it is a small private company or a multinational company: everyone is aware of the fact that their presence on the web affect the business. Every company needs marketing. Sites are Seo optimized. A well optimized site, a beautiful and functional design, easy navigation and transparency are what you need a website.
Why in the process of site specific pay attention to these things. To create sites I use Bootstrap framework, Wordpress and serve the PHP programming language in combination with MySQL database. Depending on you, your wishes and my experience real sites that meet all the criteria of today. I JUST LIKE TO DO THIS. The greatest satisfaction I have satisfied clients.

TELEPHONE WHO CAN CONTACT AND ASK ALL YOU KNOW IS: + 381 61 7677 555 or fill out the contact form in the prices. You can contact me by SKYPE or VIBER.




Bootstrap the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks offer, which is used to make websites visible on mobile phones. These sites are visible on all other devices ( TABLETS and ALL KINDS OF MONITORS ). Bootstrap components that provide numerous, so we can say that it contains almost all what a web site requires. From the buttons, forms, text fields, buttons, navigating the site until the slider, tables and columns. Bootstrap is compatible with all web browsers such as GOOGLE CHROME, SAFARI, FIREFOX, INTERNET EXPLORER AND OPERA.



Wordpress is a free CMS content management system based on PHP and MySQL. SITES ARE CREATED USING THE THEME ( TEMPLATE - THAT CAN BE FREE OR PAID ) and SUPPLEMENTS ( PLUG-ins ).Them true professional designers. Originally appeared as a platform for blog, Today it is a professional platform for creating serious sites.WordPress is normally made with the help of PHP and HTML, CSS and runs on MySQL database.He is a very popular system for companies that often have a need for updating the site, but they are expensive to hire an expert who will do it repeatedly.



PHP IS A SPECIALIZED SCRIPTING LANGUAGE. Primarily designed for creating dynamic web content and is performed on the server side rather than on the user's computer. PHP is embedded into the HTML page and its application receive the generated page in pure HTML. It is suitable for the development of advanced web applications that include web development shop's, internet portals, forums, sites specializing in internet social networks ( Facebook, Twitter, Google+ ) and the creation of CMS's ( Content Management System - Joomla, WordPress, etc. ) . It can also be associated with a large number of databases and supports all popular databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, dBase, Oracle, ODBC ... Some of the most visited websites in the world: FACEBOOK, WIKIPEDIA, YOU TUBE, FLICKR using Php. It is much more popular due to the simplicity.


Mysql database

the system managed relational databases. It is free open-source software, which means that anyone can download from the Internet and use free. IT USES SQL - THIS IS THE STANDARS LANGUAGE FOR ACCESING DATABASES . This program acts as a server - allows access to multiple users. Each MySQL database can have several users who can access it, and every user has authorization. Such an approach with good settings, greatly reducing the possibility of error. Connectivity, speed, and security make MySQL Server highly suited for accessing databases on the Internet. MySQL can run on many different operating systems, and is commonly used in the Apache Webserver in combination with PHP. PHP ( a scripting language ) and MySQL are a winning combination when it comes to creating dynamic Web sites.

Seo optimization


The adjustment of the site search. Your site ( its design, text and visual content … ) is adjusted according to the mode of functioning of the world's leading search engines Google,Yahoo,Bing...
Search engines are the primary means used by people to find the information they need.
They pre direct traffic on the Internet - people are looking for what they need, and search engines direct them to the appropriate sites.This process is constantly evolving and improving. Google and other search engines can improve the technology and ways to load data from sites. The vast majority of people ( about 90% ) searching something on the Internet review only the first or second page of results searches.It is very important to get your site found on these initial pages.It will also provide more visitors and thus increase the number of potential clients.
Provide Google with the help of SEO OPTIMIZATION to make you easier to find...


Website Security Site or Online Store
The site itself must be "Safe and Protected" from a hacker that could take control of the site from you and who would like to get confidential data from the card. Your clients need additional money to invest in the security of your site or online store. Google favors browsing web sites and online stores that are protected by SSL certificates.
SSL certificate is the right thing to do. It provides an encrypted connection to your web server or providing protection for your domains and subdomains encryption. So it is almost impossible to find out confidential data with your online prodavnice. Online stores that has PAYPAL payment or payment card MUST HAVE THIS CERTIFICATE.
SEO optimization and factors affecting it There are many factors that affect SEO optimization. Keywords, links leading to your site, renovation of the site, its design, photography and their SEO optimization.Transparency, only the name of the site and its domain. All this is very important for the positioning of your site and attract clients. Besides a sufficient number of quality information, additional advertising on the most popular social networks, the speed of loading web site contribute to your site is very well listed. More site visitors and contributes to better business.
Free or paid wordpress themes If you do not overstock designer desires related to the layout and structure of your website but still want a free wordpress theme i advise you to download a free theme with WORDPRESS.ORG. The reason is that there are topics thoroughly checked and cleaned from spams.You must know that these topics are usually not provided with sufficient documentation.
Paid themes have a good support, a lot of the built in functionality and better documentation. This makes it a lot safer and easier to work with them.
IMPERFECTION of both is that they contain a large number of static files. Each file is a request to the server to which it sends a response. Therefore, wordpress pages can load slowly.
PRODUCT PRESENTATION If you sell some products but do not want the payment is made directly through payments to the site, there is a solution for to. Today, there are many beautiful WORDPRESS THEME OR TEMPLATATE in which you need to show that you offer. Customers will need to deposit money in your account and you will subsequently send them what they order.